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Safety Come First - Comply or Die

We are extremely focused on all risk aspects! We managed successfully to conduct the race in 2019 without any risk for the spectators and the riders/drivers and our intention is to do the same this year!

We have defined a few MANDATORY requirements that all vehicles and drivers MUST comply with to race.

The vehicles

  • Pre-war cars, coupe, roadsters and specials.
  • Pre-war bikes, US or European.
  • Appearance, main parts and performance parts must not be newer than year 1947.

The driver

  • Helmet
  • Googles, Glasses or Face shield. *
  • Shoes or boots with firm sole. *
  • Long pants or jeans. *
  • Jacket or jersey. *
  • Not affected by alcohol, drugs or medicine.
  • * Clothing needs to be period correct.

Disqualification will occur if:

  • Drivers, mechanics or helpers are under influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Failing to follow the guidelines and directions from the official RMF team.
  • Reckless or irresponsible driving at all times. (Rømø beach is considered a public road)

Safety and technical requirements

Engine compartment:

  • Engine needs to be clean.
  • Gasoline / Petrol lines and/or hoses need to be fastened.
  • The gasoline / petrol lines or system must not leak.
  • Oil must not leak out - sweating is allowed.
  • No loose componenets.
  • No loose items.
  • Seats need to be fastened.
  • Fire extinguisher within reach.

Vehicle exterior:

  • Racing number must be visible.
  • All body panels, hood, trunk etc. needs to be secured.
  • Headlights needs to be removed or the glass secured.
  • Petrol / gas tank needs to be secured.
  • Gas cap in place and secured.
  • Hub caps either off or secured.
  • Steering linkage needs to be secured.
  • Wheels checked and secured.
  • Tire (street or racing) must be intact. No paddle and/or tractor styled tires.
  • No cracks in the frame.

These requirements can also be downloaded as a word file here: Download

Thank you!
FIA/DMU/DASU/MSS & Rømø Motor Festival