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Press information / Presse information:

Dear press:

The vision behind the festival is to celebrate the historic Danish beach racing history and to create a time pocket as close as possible, to the era of racing on Fanø Strand from 1919 to 1924.

The numbers of journalists and photographers that get access to the pit and the track are very limited.

Only apply for press accreditation if you are representing a magazine that is focusing on pre-war racing, race cars or traditional hot rods or if you are a photographer that has a proven track record within this area and period.

It is mandatory to be wearing period correct clothing, so you blend in among the drivers, riders, mechanics and vehicles.

If you want to interview a participant or take close up pictures, please ask and respect if they are working on the car, preparing for a race or having lunch. Blending in and playing along is an absolute must, to be a part of this event.

Above all is safety!

We expect you to comply with the instructions from the race officials, so that we all can have a fantastic day on the beach - if you do not comply, we will take your accreditation and escort you out.

Finally, if you would like to apply for press accreditation, signup using our press signup form.

All accreditation is by INVITATION ONLY. Please submit your application no later than June 1st. The ONLY way to apply is by signing up through this website. We do NOT accept e-mails, IG or FB messages, text messages or phone calls.

Thank you